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Vinomofo: Debunking some of the biggest wine myths

For wine, like many other products, a high price often indicates that you’re purchasing a high-quality product. Purchasing a high-priced wine shows others that you can afford “the very best” or that you have “good taste.”

However, for sheer enjoyment, an expensive wine is seldom the best choice. For one thing, the highest quality isn’t itself the best criterion for choosing a wine. Not all situations call for a very high-quality wine, and besides, your personal taste might not align with what some wine critics think of as high quality or an enjoyable drop.

Vinomofo co-founder, Justin Dry says that once you start to pay upwards of 15 dollars for a bottle of wine, it’s not necessarily about the quality of the wine rather than the sale and demand, and on average, 15 dollars and above should get you a cracking bottle of vino.

So what about temperature when it comes to serving a good glass of red wine? Justin tells us when it comes to serving red wine at “room temperature” this may not be the best advice as on average, our homes are set to about 21 or 22 degrees Celsius which is too warm for some wines leaving them with an overpowering flavour.

Justin adds that 16-18 degrees Celsius is perfect temperature to achieve the best taste and if the bottle is too warm, store it in the fridge for about 20 minutes to chill slightly before enjoying the perfect drop of red.


Vision Personal Training: Surprising gym myths

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Chantelle Otten: Is sex the key to a long term relationship?

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The Wholesome Doctor: Myths and facts about the flu shot

Does the flu shot actually protect you during flu season? Maritza Barone discusses with General Practitioner, Dr. Preeya Alexander.

Dr. Joseph Sgroi: What’s normal and what’s not during pregnancy

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Dolomiti Electric Bicyles: What are the benefits of e-bikes?

They have all the benefits of a pushbike, plus the ability to cover more distances and take off with just a flick of a switch. So why aren’t more Australians riding e-bikes?

While e-bikes are growing in popularity, it seems that many still question their value with market research shows that 40 percent of Australians “would never consider” using an e-bike, mostly due to a perceived lack of health benefits and negative social stigma, with some describing e-bikes as “clunky” or riding them as “cheating”.

However contrary believes e-bikes are a valuable mobility option for many commuters and have the potential to address many of the barriers to riding a traditional bike, including the length of the trip, not feeling fit enough to ride, and other forms of transport being quicker than cycling.

John Zanol from Dolomiti Electric Bikes tells TheGoodTV, “E-bikes will take the strain out of your joints with you not having to push as hard to get assistance.” He adds “Like an ordinary push bike, you still need to peddle meaning you will receive the added health benefit.”

E-bikes can also alleviate some pain points of other transport modes, such as cars and public transport. Whether you drive your car to work and sit in traffic most of the way or catch a crowded train a short distance because you don’t feel fit enough to ride your bike, it’s worth considering whether an e-bike could make your journey more enjoyable.

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