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Dolomiti Electric Bicyles: What are the benefits of e-bikes?

They have all the benefits of a pushbike, plus the ability to cover more distances and take off with just a flick of a switch. So why aren’t more Australians riding e-bikes?

While e-bikes are growing in popularity, it seems that many still question their value with market research shows that 40 percent of Australians “would never consider” using an e-bike, mostly due to a perceived lack of health benefits and negative social stigma, with some describing e-bikes as “clunky” or riding them as “cheating”.

However contrary believes e-bikes are a valuable mobility option for many commuters and have the potential to address many of the barriers to riding a traditional bike, including the length of the trip, not feeling fit enough to ride, and other forms of transport being quicker than cycling.

John Zanol from Dolomiti Electric Bikes tells TheGoodTV, “E-bikes will take the strain out of your joints with you not having to push as hard to get assistance.” He adds “Like an ordinary push bike, you still need to peddle meaning you will receive the added health benefit.”

E-bikes can also alleviate some pain points of other transport modes, such as cars and public transport. Whether you drive your car to work and sit in traffic most of the way or catch a crowded train a short distance because you don’t feel fit enough to ride your bike, it’s worth considering whether an e-bike could make your journey more enjoyable.

Smoothie Bombs: Can fruit and vegetables boost our wellbeing?

When Cinzia Cozzolino started making smoothie recipes at home, it was to ensure her daughters were having something nutritious than any concept of a future business empire.  Seven years ago, Cinzia struggled to get her daughter to eat nutritiously but recognized she would happily drink something such as smoothies for sustenance.  She started to create smoothies recipes combined with superfoods, nuts, and seeds to give her daughter the ‘boost’ in nutrition she needed and this was the humble beginnings of the Smoothie Bomb empire.

Filled with healthy organic ingredients such as whole fruit, seeds, and nuts to supplement nutritional intake,  Smoothie Bombs enhance the nutrition and flavour of your smoothies and are conveniently pre-portioned for convenience and combine certified organic powders, nuts, seeds and whole fruits.

Cinzia told the TheGoodTV “When you’re doing good to yourself in terms of nutrition you’re improving mentality and overall vitality.” Cinzia added, “It’s about eating the rainbow, ensuring adults meet dietary requirements of two to three pieces of fruit and five to seven serves of vegetables per day.”


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