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Hayley Roper: Why we fail our new years resolutions

Another year is ending and many of us are gathering up our willpower for a brand new set of New Year’s resolutions. But have we learned from past experience? A large number, if not the majority, of previous resolutions, were probably broken in weeks, days, or even hours.

So, how to make this time around more successful? Well, it’s not as hard as you might think, Hayley Roper, founder of Love my body tells TheGoodTV it’s important to keep our goals realistic and within reason. Goals set far beyond our limits are unachievable and sometimes people find themselves aiming for an overhaul of their entire lifestyle, and this is simply a recipe for disappointment and guilt.

Hayley adds it’s important to keep track of our goals and a great way to keep on top of what we set out to achieve is to write down the details of your resolutions, remembering to add your motivations. From keeping notes on your phone, notepad creating or even keeping a shocking credit card statement can help spur you into action and keep you on track.

A slip-up is almost inevitable at some point, and you must not let this become an excuse to give up. When it happens, you need to draw on your reserves of self-belief and strength, so build these qualities as often as you can to get on top of your resolution and goals.

To find out more about Hayley Roper, visit Love my body.

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